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Rexon Drive's patient and expert support team, with knowledge of product science, has special and high experience in the electric lift industry to be available and ready to serve you to help and advise you in finding solutions for your needs.

We are with you

The technical support unit is engaged in providing and consulting the most accurate services before the purchase of the product until the time of launch, as well as after-sales services for customers and consumers of Rexon Drive products.
The main services of this unit include pre-purchase consultation, feasibility of the environment or workshop and safety conditions, offering different products based on the technical needs of the consumer, structure and conditions, as well as accompaniment to the installation stages and after-sales services.

Technical support benefits

- Professional and free consultation
- Choosing the most suitable product
- Saving time and money
- Assurance of product authenticity
- Direct purchase without intermediaries
- 10 years of after-sales service and technical advice
- Safety and reducing the error rate
- Technical calculation and feasibility study

Tech solutions for your business

Advice before buying

The technical support unit assists customers in determining their technical needs and problems. This consultation includes providing detailed information about products, recommendations for choosing the best model based on the customer's specific needs, and providing answers to customers' technical questions.

Environmental feasibility and safety conditions

Before selling the product, the technical support unit checks the environment and safety conditions of the product installation site. This information helps customers ensure that the Rexon Drive product is compatible with their environment and conditions.

Assistance in installation and commissioning

The technical support unit helps customers in the stages of installing and setting up products. This includes guidance on physical installation, software configuration, and connectivity to other systems.

Recommended products

According to the technical needs of customers, the technical support unit recommends Rexon Drive products. These recommendations include different models, sizes, features and capabilities of products.

after sales service

Technical support unit is also available for after sales customers. These services include technical troubleshooting, software updates, repair and replacement of parts, and provision of spare parts.


Huge collection of elements, and rich customization options for you.

To contact us, you can use the contact methods that we have placed on the contact us page on the website or send an email and fill out the contact form.

To ask for advice before buying, you can contact our consulting team and share your needs and requests. Our consulting team is ready to advise you dear ones.

Yes, we provide installation services for Rexon Drive products. By contacting our team, you can set up the installation details of your desired product.

You can contact our support team to request after-sales service. Our team will help you with technical troubleshooting, repairs and after-sales service.

Yes, our technical support team is available during non-office hours and during business days.

Also, we have provided our customers with the possibility of emergency calls during non-office hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

With energy and enthusiasm, we assure you that the experience of using our technical support services will be very simple and pleasant.
We are here to accompany you and answer all your common technical questions, product bugs and defects, and any other technical support questions with enthusiasm.

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