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Affiliate Marketing

We at Rexon Drive are interested in working with people with passion and motivation, who are passionate about the world of industry and electric lifts in the sales field. If you are looking for a special opportunity in the field of selling electric lifts and related equipment, this is the best place for you.

Why cooperation with Rexon Drive is considered an opportunity?

1- Product demand and high market share

Our Rexon Drive products are in high demand all over the world due to their outstanding quality and innovation.

2- Strong support

We provide full and professional support to all our associates to help them in the sales process in the best way.

3- Considerable commission

Rexon Drive will consider attractive and significant commissions for you, which can be a stable source of income for you in the Rexon Drive family.

4- Wide variety of sales market

Our products are used in various markets such as construction, factories and production, ports and warehouses, agriculture, mines, oil and gas and petrochemical industries, steel, rescue and safety services, marine industries, aerospace and aerospace industries, construction and repair services. And therefore, they will have a wider sales market and connections for you.

5- Online sales service panel

Rexon Drive has considered a specialized digital system for its colleagues to provide support services needed by colleagues in line with instant and stable communication. We are always looking for the latest technology and sales tools to help you improve your sales process.

Ready For join us?

To cooperate with us, just go to [link form for cooperation in sales] and complete your profile form.
After receiving your request, our team will contact you to share more details about how we can work together in the sale and start the cooperation process.

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