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Single Girder Bridge Crane Beam

Wheel Diameter (mm) :
125 - 160 - 200 - 250

Double Girder Bridge Crane Beam

Wheel Diameter (mm) :
160 - 200 - 250

Bogie Beam

Wheel Diameter (mm) :
200 - 250 - 320

Single girder bridge crane beam

Beam TypeWheel Diameter(mm)Height(mm)Wheel Distance SS(mm)Weight(kg)

Double girder bridge crane beam

Beam TypeWheel Diameter(mm)Height(mm)Wheel Distance SS(mm)Weight(kg)

Bogie Beam

Beam TypeWheel Diameter(mm)Height(mm)Wheel Distance SS(mm)Weight(kg)

REXON DRIVE Electric Hoist

We are trying every day to have the latest technology in the R&D unit according to the needs of our customers in order to improve the products and apply the most up-to-date technical, qualitative and structural strategies.

Rexon Drive goals

- Increasing the variety of products according to the specialized needs of consumers
- Upgrading the sales chain and support
- Fair and competitive price considering the quality
- Transparency and honesty in services
- Increasing the level of consumer expectation
- Taking advantage of the cycle of young and expert labor in the direction of support and entrepreneurship

Who We Are ?

Rexon Drive brand is based on thinking, effort and perseverance with the aim of producing and providing first-class products based on quality and technology, as the leader of the electric and manual lifting industry, a wide range of practical products for the industrial use of customers in the field of construction. , factories and production, ports and warehouses, agriculture, mines, oil and gas and petrochemical industries, rescue and safety services, marine industries, aviation and space industries, construction and repair services.

Rexon DRive ...

Relying on its main pillars, i.e. quality, technology, product variety, reasonable price, and providing the most unique after-sales service and support during its more than 20 years of operation, Rexon Drive is an unrivaled brand, trusted by consumers and one of the largest Manufacturers of wire rope hoists, chains and hollow shaft gearboxes are known all over the world. And we have also created a nationwide system called Rexon Service to support the needs of after-sales service and parts bank supply.

Rexon Drive 2023 General Catalog

With over 2000 different types of tools and 34000 types of spare parts, we’re there for you to tackle almost any task.

What is an Overhead Crane?!

Here at Rexon Drive, we always answer all our customers' questions. Here are the answers to the most common questions

When buying a boom, consider factors such as the intended application, load capacity requirements, reach, operating environment (indoor/outdoor), required attachments, and safety features.

Reliable booms can be found through reputable manufacturers, authorized dealers, and online marketplaces specializing in construction equipment.

The right size of the boom depends on factors like the height and reach required for your specific tasks, as well as the weight of the loads to be lifted.

Look for booms equipped with safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop buttons, anti-tip mechanisms, and operator safety harness attachment points.

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